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I did the Full Gel Bottle course with Milica. I was so excited to do this course. Apart from the fact that the products are incredible.....I could not have asked for a better educator! Milica was thorough, knowledgeable, highly skilled, friendly, helpful & generous in sharing her experience & tips & tricks of the trade. If Milica runs anymore courses I will be there! She is full of enthusiasm & makes learning fun! Thank you so much Milica, you are a delight to learn from.
I completed the full gel bottle course with Hannah through February, she was amazing. I was extremely self doubting and lacking in confidence, she set me at ease and was so helpful and encouraging. She ensured she could answer all questions and had the patience if a saint when I needed her help. I have learnt so much from her, I am eternally grateful. She is so skilled and a brilliant educator and I can't wait for my next course with her.
Amazing Amazing!!!!! I have just completed the 3 day gel bottle course, Sharon was so patient and explained everything in great detail. The course was fabulous and I felt very relaxed and never hesitated to ask questions. Sharon has also been very supportive after the course and has been willing to help where she can. I feel the course has provided myself with much more confidence when applying the products. I will definitely be doing the next course in March once the dates are released. Thank you so much Sharon!!!! See you in March x
After deciding I wanted to finally go for my goal & move into the nail industry I booked myself on the Gel Polish Beginner course. I was so excited on the lead up and was not disappointed as the day was even better than I could have imagined. Nat was a fantastic tutor and gave so much valuable information, tips & tricks for starting a business along side how to perfectly apply gel polish. I had such a fun day and will definitely be booking another course with Nat. I now feel ready & excited to start my new journey! xxx
Hallo ich bin Jana, Ich habe den großen TGB Kurs bei der lieben Marie gemacht und hatte das Glück von dieser Powerfrau begleitet und geschult zu werden. Marie geht auf Fragen ein und nimmt sich Zeit deine Arbeit anzugucken, dir Tipps zu geben, dich zu ermutigen und ehrlich zu sein. Ich bin Anfängerin und konnte so viel von ihr lernen und mitnehmen. Ich hab mich richtig wohl bei Marie gefühlt und kann jedem nur empfehlen die Kurse bei ihr zu buchen und mit diesen besonderen Produkten zu arbeiten. Danke für Alles liebe Marie!
I traveled up from the West Midlands for a full 3 day course with Beckie and it was totally worth it. I felt welcomed and much at ease with her being so friendly and polite. She took such good care of us making sure we stayed hydrated and fed which was very much appreciated. The lessons were all carried out so well with the addition of many tips and tricks which she has gained first hand with her lengthy experience in the industry. You can really tell that she is passionate and loves what she does, which inspires me to do more in hopes to be just as skilled as she is one day (Especially with the nail art she can do, amazing!!). Thank You Beckie!
I’m so happy The Gel Bottle is offering beginner courses. Sarah was an amazing teacher, making all of us feel completely comfortable asking all kinds of questions and displaying exactly what she was teaching on one of us. Being new to The Gel Bottle, this is exactly the training I needed. Sarah also went out of her way to ensure we all had the proper tools and supplies to begin our journey into The Gel Bottle .