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Love love LOVED the extension course. Felt at ease and well informed. Literally couldn’t wait to get home to do my own and order my colours. I definitely left feeling confident and with the knowledge to start creating beautiful nails. Thanks again to Beckie for such a well led course. She explained everything and makes you feel comfortable. Constantly coming round checking and helping with techniques thanks again xx
I completed the full gel bottle course with Breda. Breda was very professional and shared all the tips and tricks of the trade. She took the time to talk and get to know each one of us from the course. I was a complete beginner and Breda made me feel at ease and helped me build up my confidence. I have now opened my own nail salon as result of doing this course with Breda. I look forward to completing more courses with Breda
Just completed the full 3 day GelBottle Course with Sharon at Preston. I’d messaged Sharon before attending the course as I was extremely nervous due to being a mature student. I needn’t have worried so much. The course was a wonderful experience and the other students were so lovely. I couldn’t quite believe what I had achieved by day 3. I received all the literature that was covered over the 3 days, and now have lifetime access to the videos when I need to refresh my mind. Already booked on the e-file and DesignEx Pro in a couple of months time. Can’t wait. Would highly recommend TGB for future Nail Technician training.
Beckie was an amazing educator on this course, she is a real perfectionist and wants to teach the best nail techs. She offered so many hints and tips explaining how and why when things didn’t exactly go to plan and how you would fix this in a client situation, I left the course feeling confident in the process of Gel Extensions so I can start practising perfecting my technique and smile lines on real people. Thanks Beckie!
Being a mature student, ready for a complete career change I wanted to try something totally different but something I was interested in. The Gel Bottle Course sounded right for me. On my first day Sharon made me feel totally at ease, and not worried that I was a newbie to the industry. Sharon has boosted my confidence in wanting a career change just purely by her knowledge and professionalism during this course and her attitude of ‘everything is possible’. She gives praise and encouragement in all the right places, teamed with a gentle and friendly approach when correcting her students mistakes! I have loved every minute of my three day course with this lovely lady, so much so, I’ve booked another. Thank you for everything Sharon, you really are an excellent educator.
I attended the gel polish beginner course with giorgia in Brighton and I honestly can’t recommend her enough! Her knowledge and skills are 5 star and she’s also the loveliest girl! She made us all feel so comfortable from start to Finnish, even from the one day course i have picked up so much knowledge and its given me a massive confident boost. I will definitely be back to attend more courses with giorgia and if you are reading this wondering if you should do the same, you should!
I’ve just completed the full course with Hannah and I can’t recommend her highly enough! Hannah was professional, friendly and so knowledgeable. More than happy to share her hints and tips with the group and I’ve learnt so much. I feel so much more confident now even with things I’ve been doing for ages. I’ve had the best 3 days and didn’t want it to end!! Thanks Hannah, Looking forward to booking on the next course with you xx