Full TGB Course ProForm™ Edition Package

£722.00 + VAT
2.5 days
Fully Accredited
Country: United Kingdom

This course is made up of Gel Polish Beginners 1 day Course, a BIAB ½ day Course and Proform Extensions 1 day Course.

This comprehensive course will cover everything you need to know to become a budding, confident nail technician with the necessary skills to begin your career in the nail industry.

This beginner’s course will cover all health, safety & hygiene of the nail industry, including the anatomy and physiology of the natural nail and skin as well as contraindications and actions to provide you with the most In-depth knowledge.

During the course, you will also cover our core product range so that you have full knowledge of our products and their uses. The course will then move on to the preparation and care of the natural nail, as well as gel polish application techniques and safe removal tips using our signature The GelBottle Inc gel polish.

Once you have completed day 1, you can then return for your ½ day BIAB course.

Here, you will meet Builder in a Bottle™, aka BIAB™. As the original builder gel in a bottle, BIAB™ remains a bestseller, providing a flexible, strong builder gel in a range of nude, coloured, white and clear shades. The BIAB is designed for naturally weak nails to help strengthen and grow the nails. Get to know the cult product which has become essential for nail technicians around the globe and become an expert in a specialist application technique designed to take your business to the next level. You will leave this course with a full understanding of our BIAB range and the differences between the products and their uses, proper application techniques, correct apex creation and safe removal.

Once you have completed BIAB, you can then return for Proform Extension Training. This exciting 1-day course will cover all the basics of using our innovative ProForm™ System. The ultimate, durable HEMA-free extension technology.

Create natural overlays for nail repairs, strong and healthy natural nails, or hyper-realistic sculpted extensions of any length. A smooth, ready-to-use paste that's the perfect consistency every time, ProForm™ delivers the strength of acrylic with the ease of a gel. Saving you valuable appointment time with no need to flash-cure each nail and bringing you complete control, ProForm™ is an innovation in extension technology.

In this course, we will cover the correct application and safe removal of our ProForm™ system as well as the anatomy and physiology, contraindications, preparation and care of the natural nail. You will be introduced to the system in full, learn the benefits of ProForm™ and the correct ways of working to achieve overlays, sculpted extensions and a reverse French. We will also focus on the correct structure of the nail and minimal filing techniques to create the perfect shape.

Entry requirements :
Minimum Age 18
Models Not Required: You will be working on yourself/another student during the course so please ensure you arrive without product on your nails.

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We provide full access to an exclusive judgment-free advice group, which you will have the option to join after successful course completion. Within the group you will receive unlimited help and support from our entire education team, allowing you to feel fully supported throughout your learning process, even after graduation day.


What time does my course finish?

Course times will vary from course to course and from location to location. This specific course is a two and ½ day course, however start times will depend on location and finish times will vary depending on the group size and the student's confidence.

Where will my course be held?

Full course locations are underneath each educator's profile on TGB Academy website. Please check these before booking your training.

Do I need to bring anything specific to my course?

Each location is different regarding what items the educator will supply. You will be contacted 1-2 weeks before your training by your educator, who will provide you with full course details, locations, expectations, etc. You can contact your educator via your academy accounts prior to then if you would like to know more information.

Do I need a model?

You will be working on yourself/another student during the course so please ensure you arrive without product on your nails.

Is a kit included?

A kit is not included in the price. Prior to confirming and paying for the course booking, you should be taken to a page where it gives you the choice to add on your ‘Starter Kit’ - This can either be the full starter kit that we recommend, or you can customize the kit to exclude products that you already own. It is essential that you use TGB products for your training and our TGB Light The Way Lamp, but please feel free to bring your own tools and files