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I completed the full gel bottle course in September with Hannah and I learnt so much. Hannah's very friendly and welcoming and I felt completely at ease which is unusual for me in new situations with new people. The nail room is lovely and it's was great to see the gel bottle polishes on the shelf and looking at the colour bible is addictive!! Hannah is very happy to share little hints and tips that she's picked up along her way in the nail industry and was happy to answer any questions that we had. I'm hoping to book onto the e-file course with Hannah in the near future and would highly recommend to others to book onto a course whether it's to learn something new for the first time or the brush up on skills and techniques.
Just done the 2 day gel extension course with Sue and I would highly recommend everyone to go here. She is not only the friendliest and funniest person, but she’s also very caring and takes her time in making sure she explains everything until you 100% understand. I feel I know as much as I can about doing gel extensions, and if I forget anything I have been reassured she will help me with anything in the future. Sue is a massive credit to the Gel Bottle Educator team and I would definitely go back for further training. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there and my training and actually quite sad it’s over! Thank you Sue, best teacher ever!!!
I completed The Gel Bottle conversion course with Sue and right from the start she was very welcoming and accommodating. Living within close proximity to the training venue Sue invited me over for a chat prior to the training session. This aloud us the chance to get to know each other and for her to assess my training needs and experience level, so that on the training day we were able to get straight down to business and cover everything we needed to and in great depth. Sue is a lovely lady and very knowledgable about The Gel Bottle and the nail industry as a whole. I'm looking forward to further conversion training with Sue in gel pot in the not too distant future.
I have just completed a one day gel extension course. I joined the course on the last day of the full 3 day course and Sharon integrated me into the group seamlessly, which made me feel comfortable. I have been a nail tech for many years and changed over to the Gel Bottle around 18months ago. I knew I could benefit from the conversion day, which I did, Sharon was able to point out where I could improve my apex shape without making me feel deflated, she was very encouraging and I have come away feeling more confident and knowledgeable. Sharon is friendly, and welcoming, easy to talk to and ask questions, and shared her time equally, a great educator. Thank you so much Sharon x
I completed the full gel bottle course with Hannah through February, she was amazing. I was extremely self doubting and lacking in confidence, she set me at ease and was so helpful and encouraging. She ensured she could answer all questions and had the patience if a saint when I needed her help. I have learnt so much from her, I am eternally grateful. She is so skilled and a brilliant educator and I can't wait for my next course with her.
After doing my Gel Polish and Gel Extension course with Natalie I’m now back to working in a salon after taking a few years with my children while they were young. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to get back into the nail/beauty industry. Natalie is not only very knowledgeable she is personable too, I was made to feel so comfortable and reassured the whole time which is a huge thing when trying to build your confidence when returning to the world of work. I cannot thank Natalie enough for all of her help during and even after the course too.
Being a mature student, ready for a complete career change I wanted to try something totally different but something I was interested in. The Gel Bottle Course sounded right for me. On my first day Sharon made me feel totally at ease, and not worried that I was a newbie to the industry. Sharon has boosted my confidence in wanting a career change just purely by her knowledge and professionalism during this course and her attitude of ‘everything is possible’. She gives praise and encouragement in all the right places, teamed with a gentle and friendly approach when correcting her students mistakes! I have loved every minute of my three day course with this lovely lady, so much so, I’ve booked another. Thank you for everything Sharon, you really are an excellent educator.