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Just completed my beginners gel polish course with Ewa. I felt very relaxed with her as soon as I walked through the door. She is a very good teacher and extremely talented. You can tell straight away that she is super passionate about her work and takes a lot of pride in it. I feel I learnt a lot in just one day and have gained confidence in my nail work. I would not hesitate in booking courses with Ewa again in the future.
Love love LOVED the extension course. Felt at ease and well informed. Literally couldn’t wait to get home to do my own and order my colours. I definitely left feeling confident and with the knowledge to start creating beautiful nails. Thanks again to Beckie for such a well led course. She explained everything and makes you feel comfortable. Constantly coming round checking and helping with techniques thanks again xx
I just recently did The Full Gel Bottle course with Beckie and I can't believe how quickly she has helped me feel confident to go it alone - but still with her constant support! The academy in her salon is absolutely gorgeous and the facilities are fantastic! She was thorough and patient and even being in a group still felt very much like 1 to 1 training. I can't recommend Beckie enough. I have booked my EFile training with her too - I can't imagine I would get the same level of teaching elsewhere. Can't wait! Thanks to TGB & Beckie xxx
I completed the beginners Gel Bottle course with Hannah today and have left feeling confident and excited about my new venture into gorgeous healthy TGB nails! Hannah is so patient and helpful with her teaching, giving great advice and tips, showing you how to properly learn the techniques or try a different way to help you grasp what you're doing better and answered every question I had happily, even if it was a bit on the daft side!! I would highly recommend Hannah as an educator and will definitely be looking to do further courses with her in the future. Thanks Hannah for a great day!
I travelled from Wales to Stockport to do the full gel bottle course with Beckie as I was already following her work on Instagram and loved the designs she made. Beckie is a fab educator and made us all feel very welcome, she is so passionate about her work and explained everything in so much detail, that even after the first day i was so excited about learning more about the treatments and mastering the techniques. She gave so many tips and hints from applying the sculpting forms in different ways to if something doesn’t quite go right with a client and how you could fix it to even how to use social media to your advantage, I left feeling really confident and eager to start practising my skills and building a client base. Thank you Beckie
I completed the full gel bottle course with Hannah through February, she was amazing. I was extremely self doubting and lacking in confidence, she set me at ease and was so helpful and encouraging. She ensured she could answer all questions and had the patience if a saint when I needed her help. I have learnt so much from her, I am eternally grateful. She is so skilled and a brilliant educator and I can't wait for my next course with her.
Beckie is a fantastic teacher, and as a beginner makes you feel completely comfortable. She has amazing knowledge and skills and I left feeling much more confident. The little tips and tricks she taught us were invaluable and really made a difference to the quality of my work. She is very hands on and honest and you can tell she wants everyone to be the best they possibly can. As someone who was new to nails and had only played around with gel on myself (and my mum..) I left feeling confident in my ability and excited to continue improving. Thank you Beckie x