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After doing my Gel Polish and Gel Extension course with Natalie I’m now back to working in a salon after taking a few years with my children while they were young. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to get back into the nail/beauty industry. Natalie is not only very knowledgeable she is personable too, I was made to feel so comfortable and reassured the whole time which is a huge thing when trying to build your confidence when returning to the world of work. I cannot thank Natalie enough for all of her help during and even after the course too.
I completed the beginners Gel Bottle course with Hannah today and have left feeling confident and excited about my new venture into gorgeous healthy TGB nails! Hannah is so patient and helpful with her teaching, giving great advice and tips, showing you how to properly learn the techniques or try a different way to help you grasp what you're doing better and answered every question I had happily, even if it was a bit on the daft side!! I would highly recommend Hannah as an educator and will definitely be looking to do further courses with her in the future. Thanks Hannah for a great day!
Did my training with Sue for the gel application beginners course, it was a great day, I was made to feel welcome in her salon straight away. I loved that there was only a few students on the course as it made it feel like 1-1 training pretty much, Sue shared her love and knowledge for the Gel Bottle products and the nail industry with us. I left the course feeling happy and knowledgeable excited to start my career as a nail tech. Thanks Sue, and I will definitely be back for future courses!
I have just completed a one day gel extension course. I joined the course on the last day of the full 3 day course and Sharon integrated me into the group seamlessly, which made me feel comfortable. I have been a nail tech for many years and changed over to the Gel Bottle around 18months ago. I knew I could benefit from the conversion day, which I did, Sharon was able to point out where I could improve my apex shape without making me feel deflated, she was very encouraging and I have come away feeling more confident and knowledgeable. Sharon is friendly, and welcoming, easy to talk to and ask questions, and shared her time equally, a great educator. Thank you so much Sharon x
I booked the full gel bottle course, Ewa’s work is outstanding and she’s such a perfectsionist, so I knew I was training with the best, I absolutely loved the course and felt as if I learnt so much. The products are amazing to work with, Don’t hesitate if you want to use amazing products and be the best at what you do, book with Ewa. Can’t wait for to book my E-File course. Thank you so much Ewa. X
Beckie was an amazing educator on this course, she is a real perfectionist and wants to teach the best nail techs. She offered so many hints and tips explaining how and why when things didn’t exactly go to plan and how you would fix this in a client situation, I left the course feeling confident in the process of Gel Extensions so I can start practising perfecting my technique and smile lines on real people. Thanks Beckie!
I have just completed the 2 day Gel Extension course with Hannah yesterday. I learnt so much and left feeling confident and ready to show my clients. Hannah is very welcoming and puts you at ease; she is also very experienced in the nail industry and was happy to share her knowledge with tips etc Hannah has a lovely home and her nail room is great also makes great tea and coffee. I will definitely be looking to book another course with her in the future