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I have recently just completed the E-file course with Sue. I was lucky enough to have a 1 on 1 for the day, which was great. I left the course feeling so confident and have already put my new skills to use. I learnt so much and even on other nail topics that came up into conversation. Sue has extensive knowledge and a great way of teaching that puts you at ease. I can not recommend her enough. I’ll definitely be back for another course in the new year to extend my knowledge further!
Completed the full Gel bottle training in November 2019 with Jodie. I had a fab time, was made to feel welcome and the training and knowledge I gained from the course was amazing. Everything was explained well and time was given to us all 1-1, as we needed it. The training for me has also not stopped, as Jodie made sure we were all added to our very own group chat of "newbies", so all the inevitable early days questions are still being answered! I can not recommend Jodie's training enough! And a big thank you to Kirstie also, who assists Jodie. x
I was looking to start a small gel nail business and had researched the market for the best most reliable gel polish when I came across the gel bottle. I attended the gel bottle course in Sheffield. Jodie along with her staff were really welcoming, informative and patient. Not only did I learn so much on the course but the after support has also been fantastic. My little nail business has gone from strength to strength, as well as my confidence. Definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about entering this market to take the course straight away as it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Thanks Ladies.
I recently completed The Full Gel Bottle Course with Natalie, as a complete newbie to the nail/beauty industry I was quite nervous to be throwing myself into something new. However Nat completely put me at ease, she was really welcoming, friendly and down to earth from the start. She was extremely helpful with any questions I had and I felt really shared her time around the class to assist and show us techniques. There’s no doubt about it that Natalie is passionate about nails and The Gel Bottle products and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who wants to learn a new skill to book onto a course with her! Thank you so much x
Being a mature student, ready for a complete career change I wanted to try something totally different but something I was interested in. The Gel Bottle Course sounded right for me. On my first day Sharon made me feel totally at ease, and not worried that I was a newbie to the industry. Sharon has boosted my confidence in wanting a career change just purely by her knowledge and professionalism during this course and her attitude of ‘everything is possible’. She gives praise and encouragement in all the right places, teamed with a gentle and friendly approach when correcting her students mistakes! I have loved every minute of my three day course with this lovely lady, so much so, I’ve booked another. Thank you for everything Sharon, you really are an excellent educator.
Complicated the full TGB course over 3 days and the e file course, both Jodie and Kirsty where amazing no question was too stupid! They took there time and a lot of patience with me to help me through any issue I was having from .... no hips to having hips, to social media issue or apex problem solving... all so I was confident to able to Go off into my new world of nails!! Can’t say anything other than how amazing they where! Praises couldn’t be higher! ❤️ Xx
I completed The Gel Bottle conversion course with Sue and right from the start she was very welcoming and accommodating. Living within close proximity to the training venue Sue invited me over for a chat prior to the training session. This aloud us the chance to get to know each other and for her to assess my training needs and experience level, so that on the training day we were able to get straight down to business and cover everything we needed to and in great depth. Sue is a lovely lady and very knowledgable about The Gel Bottle and the nail industry as a whole. I'm looking forward to further conversion training with Sue in gel pot in the not too distant future.