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I booked the full gel bottle course, Ewa’s work is outstanding and she’s such a perfectsionist, so I knew I was training with the best, I absolutely loved the course and felt as if I learnt so much. The products are amazing to work with, Don’t hesitate if you want to use amazing products and be the best at what you do, book with Ewa. Can’t wait for to book my E-File course. Thank you so much Ewa. X
I completed the full gel bottle course in September with Hannah and I learnt so much. Hannah's very friendly and welcoming and I felt completely at ease which is unusual for me in new situations with new people. The nail room is lovely and it's was great to see the gel bottle polishes on the shelf and looking at the colour bible is addictive!! Hannah is very happy to share little hints and tips that she's picked up along her way in the nail industry and was happy to answer any questions that we had. I'm hoping to book onto the e-file course with Hannah in the near future and would highly recommend to others to book onto a course whether it's to learn something new for the first time or the brush up on skills and techniques.
Did my training with Sue for the gel application beginners course, it was a great day, I was made to feel welcome in her salon straight away. I loved that there was only a few students on the course as it made it feel like 1-1 training pretty much, Sue shared her love and knowledge for the Gel Bottle products and the nail industry with us. I left the course feeling happy and knowledgeable excited to start my career as a nail tech. Thanks Sue, and I will definitely be back for future courses!
Nothing beats the in person training that you get with this course. Beckie is an expert in all aspects of both business and technical ability. She really set me up with the tools needed to grow my business and the practical ability most importantly! Beckie made the course enjoyable, made sure we were safe in these COVID times and presented the material really well. I felt she knew how to get the best out of us. A few times when I was struggling she came and helped me to get it right, which is a great feeling.
Complicated the full TGB course over 3 days and the e file course, both Jodie and Kirsty where amazing no question was too stupid! They took there time and a lot of patience with me to help me through any issue I was having from .... no hips to having hips, to social media issue or apex problem solving... all so I was confident to able to Go off into my new world of nails!! Can’t say anything other than how amazing they where! Praises couldn’t be higher! ❤️ Xx
Beckie was an amazing educator on this course, she is a real perfectionist and wants to teach the best nail techs. She offered so many hints and tips explaining how and why when things didn’t exactly go to plan and how you would fix this in a client situation, I left the course feeling confident in the process of Gel Extensions so I can start practising perfecting my technique and smile lines on real people. Thanks Beckie!
Having recently completed the full Gel Bottle course with Sue I cannot recommend her enough. Sue’s wealth of knowledge is second to none. Having been a home user for a number of years prior to completing the courses I had picked up some habits which initially I struggled to shake off, with Sue’s guidance & patience we rectified them and I now feel equipped and confident enough to begin seeing clients and begin my gel bottle journey! Thank you Sue! X