Nail Art Workshop

£250.00 + VAT
1 day
Country: United Kingdom

Spend a day with some of the industry’s favourite VIP’s and learn the skills required to create their signature nail art looks. From tortoise shell to polish stamping or the perfect baby boomer ombré, these fun, creative workshops provide the chance to cover it all, with expert advice from your favourite #instagoals colleagues. The courses will also cover how to use each different nail art brush from The GelBottle Inc. brush kit.

Please note, art techniques covered may vary based on your educator. We recommend taking a look at as many of the Educators’ portfolios on Instagram as you can, and choosing one, where possible, whose artwork resonates best with your personal style. This course is a fantastic option for those wanting to diversify their profile and keep up to date with the trends, providing fresh, fun looks for clients who want more. The course includes a minimum of 5 hours practical training and is a fantastic way to master these looks in just one day.

Entry requirements :
Minimum Age 18
Gel Manicure Certificate

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