About Us

The GelBottle Academy prides itself on offering high-standard education at the forefront of the industry.

Every course takes into consideration all elements of the nail world including insightful, current business and marketing tips within all courses.

TGB Academy courses feature in-depth education and learning with a whole cohort of highly experienced educators. Every single one of our educators offers a wealth of marketing and business experience, hints and tips from working within the industry, as well as an extraordinary standard of nail care and technician skills. In addition, every TGB educator has to undergo an in-depth training program in house at The GelBottle HQ, ensuring that their teaching practices and nail skills are absolutely premium.

All TGB Academy courses are Guild accredited, an important characteristic for any professional education which you may choose to invest in. This means you receive a recognised qualification each time you take a TGB course. This is a fantastic development to both your personal portfolio and a sturdy investment in your nail industry career.

Partnering with TGB training to use our products and sitting our educational courses will re-energize your businesses and help you take your company to the next level. In such a fast-paced market, it's imperative to remain up to date with both trends, social media skills and of course, application tips and services to ensure that you provided added value to every service you offer.

It's also important to be an expert in every product you use and apply within your salon environment, as this ensures you have the ultimate knowledge in regards to product and service safety and the health of your customers. Taking a TGB accredited course is the only way to guarantee absolute expertise in the system you use.

All courses offer a long-term support system to ensure that your development as a student is positive and enlightening every day. This is incredibly important to us as an industry-first education center, as we want every The GelBottle customer to feel fully supported whatever career steps they may choose to make.

When joining The GelBottle Academy, you are joining a journey to career development and by booking a course with us today, you'll be taking the very first steps to ensure you are becoming the best version of your professional self.

What are you waiting for? Join us on your learning journey today.