£163.00 + VAT
1/2 day
Fully Accredited
Country: United Kingdom

This 1/2 day course is a combination of theory and practical hands-on experience.You will learn how to safely and effectively use our TGB e-file. Our educators will cover everything from which speeds to work at for different products, which e-file bits to use and the best techniques for safe removal. The e-file course is the perfect option for those looking to decrease their removal time, whilst increasing the efficiency of their business.

Entry requirements :
Minimum Age 18
Gel Manicure Certificate

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Business, Social Media and Photography

All of our courses provide intensive business, social media and photography training. We believe this is integral to helping you succeed and we aim to fully support you in learning how to create a 21st century business and brand.

At TGB, we believe it is not just knowing how to do nails, but knowing how to create a brand and build your very own nail empire. Your success is our success.


We provide full access to an exclusive judgment-free advice group, which you will have the option to join after successful course completion. Within the group you will receive unlimited help and support from our entire education team, allowing you to feel fully supported throughout your learning process, even after graduation day.