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About Us

Like many professional nail technicians, I started my career in the spare room of my home. I have always been passionate about the industry. I began experimenting with colours and developing my own style of abstract paintings at a young age. This blending of art, colour, and technical ability was crucial in my own personal development, not only as a businesswoman but also as an artist and innovator in the industry. I decided to go after my dreams, express myself as an artist, and began the long journey of building a brand that offered the highest quality products and delivered the best value for money.

“My dream is to train Nail Artists worldwide to the highest standard, inspire people to be the best they can be and help them grow faith in themselves.“


  • We set trends, not follow them;
  • Distributors in USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe;
  • 100k+ followers worldwide;
  • Always ahead, developing new products;
  • Cooperating with highly skilled professionals from all over the world.


  • Accredited training courses;
  • Ongoing support before, during and after training on a dedicated platform like no other;
  • Business, Social Media and Photography advice to excel as an artist;
  • Interactive and hands-on step-by-step visual courses;
  • We have sourced for you the industry leaders to provide high-quality training.

Here to help new talent and current professionals to learn and improve the skills they need to succeed.